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NOTEs on Atonements

Prayer, Repentance, Love (Charity, Mercy), Flour, Money all point to Messiah (the lamb God provided)

No Atonement without the Blood Lev.17:11/ Yoma 5a/ Zebahim 6a/ Menahoth 93b
Tosafot (Rashi comentary& Encyclopedia Judaica) blood- "The fundamental principle"
-Notes- (try to read Lev.16 day of atonement without blood sacrifice compare to Heb.9 &10 (Heb.10:10)the day of atonement was made for Messiah who fulfilled all the blood sacrifice for one and all time/ * Heb.10:14,18 (Heb.10)/ Matt.26:26-29/Rom.5:9/ Rev.1:5/ Jn.11:49,50,51,52,53; 18:12,13,14/Eph.1:7; 2:13/ (Jn.3:16)/Rom.3:24-25/ 1 Pet.1:2,18-19/ Rom.8:1-4/ 1 Jn 1:7,8,9/ Col.2:17/ Gal.3:24-29/ Yeshua- Salvation of Yah/ Right Hand works (power) Christ fulfilled The Passover sacrifice 1 Cor.5:6-8/ Heb.2:14 (Lev.17:11/ Heb.9:22) Rev.12:10-11
-Notes- The Righteous atoning (the symbol of Isaac in Gen.22/ Num.35:33 - death of high priest atoning as stated in midrash which states the about this text that the high spirituality of the righteous is a powerful atonement. So naturally the death of Messiah would carry greater atonement. (1 Pet.2:22-24/ Is.53 (vs.10))

Talmud sukkah 45a
As the temple was being destroyed one of the sages said "stupid Romans, while the temple was standing we could make atonement for youNow what will you do"
In the midst of the crisis & chaos that followed the destruction of the temple, Yohanan Ben Zakkai (the "father of rabbinic Judaism" who organized schools at Yavneh) offered a solution saying
"just as sin was surely followed by punishment, so repentance would surely be followed by redemption." But how could this happen without the Temple? Johanan had the answer to this, too; in fact he had an answer that changed the course of Jewish practice (rabbinic Judaism) from that day forward. The legend is:
-Once as Rabban Johanan ben Zakkai was coming out of Jerusalem, Rabbi Joshua followed after him, and beheld the Temple in ruins.
"Woe unto us!" Rabbi Joshua cried, "that this place, the place where the iniquities of Israel were atoned for, is laid waste."
"My son," Rabban Johanan said to him, "be not grieved; we have another atonement as effective as this. And what is it? It is acts of lovingkindness, as it is said, For I desire mercy, not sacrifice (Hos. 6:6)... What then were the acts of lovingkindness in which he was engaged? He used to outfit the bride... accompany the dead, give a perutah [coin] to the poor and pray three times a day.
I must say here that i disagree with the "rabbis" interpretation of Hosea 6:6 though "For I desired mercy(love), and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings." the rabbi used this to proclaim that there is "ANOTHER" atonement "acts of loving kindness". Yeshua told us if we love him we will Keep the commandments -which Includes "acts of loveingkindness" (Matt.22:37-40/ Mk.12:29-31) and yet all have sinned and fallen short of keeping the Law so all have need of the atonement made in Yeshua the ONE who knew no sin! If we kept all the law and never fell short we wouldnt have need of sacrifice. Hosea 6:6 highlights the importance of atonement through Yeshua. The Tanach (OT) is very clear that all have fallen short. Notice that the rabbi clamed acts of loving kindness (civil laws) and claimed they were as effective as seeking atonement for sins when in fact this "other atonement" is really just a part of the law that when not kept is sin. (BIG PERVERSION) Jas.2:10 Also in relation to Hosea 6 all the sacrifice doesnt amount to anything without a pure heart. Hosea 6:6 is simpley saying God wants our love (Rev.4:11 do you pleasure your LORD). This circumsizion of the heart relates to "prayer" atonement and the context of Ps.51:16-19 as David shows the same concept.
Repentance must come before atonement (example: Ps.5:4-5/ 2 Pet.3:9) 1 Kings 8:46-50 King Solomon can ask God to forgive when they turn back and pray. Temple was still standing! Solomon wasn't praying that when the Temple would not be there, accept their prayers as atonement, but that coupled with the sacrifices being offered in the Temple, the repentent cries of the people would be heard and their sin forgiven Also note when Moses came down and saw Israel in idolatry and asked who is on the LORD's side. Those who refused to turn to the LORD were slayed and those that did turn to the LORD were forgiven. (2 Chronicles 7:19-22)

Lev.6:2-7 (not just unintentional sin with blood)
Lev.16 (the escape goat didnt justcarry away unintentional sins)

Lev.5:11-13 "flour" alone didnt atone. It was only effectual when Mixed in with the blood sacrifice. THe blood was Required and the flour allowed the poor to join in. Christ said this bread (unleavened flour) is my body again pointing to Mashiach!

Hebrew #3722 "lekapper" is often translated as "atone" in many English Bibles, doesn't always mean that sin is forgiven. It may mean just "remove" or "wiped away" as in Is.28:18 "disannuled".
(Num.1:2- national)
Ex.30:12 "money" atonemant (Ransom- Matt.20:28 /(1Pet.1:18,19)/ Price of life 2 Sam.24:14-16
again "money atonement points to Christ)
Does Judaism have a comfort in a sure fulfilled atonement today?

"In his last hours, rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai kept weeping out loud.
'O master,' his disciples exclaimed, 'O tall pillar, light of the world, mighty hammer, why art thou weeping?'
He said to them, 'Do I then go to appear before a king of flesh and blood, whose anger, if he should be angry with me, is but of this world? and whose chastening, if he should chastise me, is but of this world? Whom I can, moreover appease with words or bribe with money? Verily, I go rather to appear before the King of Kings of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be he, whose anger, if he should be angry with me, is of this world, and the world to come, and whom I cannot appease with words or bribe with money! Moreover I have before me two roads, one to paradise and one to Gehenna, and I know not whether he will sentence me to Gehenna or admit me into Paradise. And of this a verse says, Before him shall be sentenced all those that go down to the dust, even he that cannot keep his soul alive (Ps.22:30)- and should I not weep?"
also suggest:
source of much of the info above from:

Num.21:7-9 (The Brazen Serpent was a symbol of the effects of transgression and the requirement of atonement, just as Christ's sacrifice Jn.3:14,15. Sadly members of Israel had later begun to worship this image rather than its purpose 2 Kings 18:4)
Islam has no Atonement (they seek forgiveness through prayers, and works), so their allah is not a god of Law. Law has an effect for transgression. REGUARDLESS if we are forgiven the price must be paid before a Holy G-D and is through ATONEMENT. In islam there is no effect for sin if you just say your sorry God forgets his Law thus making allah a liar rather than fulfilling the Law through Atonement According to YHVH's blueprint. Islamic allah justifies sin thus is not The LORD our G-d
A time is coming (Dan9:27;11:36;12:11/ 2 Thess.2) when the world will seek to take our communion with Messiah away. One shall stand saying come unto me and recieve peace yet The Faithful have that peace Now (and throughout tribulations) Lk.17:21/ Matt.24:23,26... Those of the world will fall to this deception for they seek the (false) "peace" and prosperity that shall be presented to them. Peace of Christ be with His

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