Sunday, October 7, 2012

Are u seeking a Church Or Christ?


Properly dividing the Word
- Culture(Symbolizim)/Laws of the land (Where),(when/ time) History(Archeology), Who is speaking Who are the speaking To, Figures of speech- metaphors-Subject- Verb-..differ uses and layers of a languages, phyisical evidence (science is man's best physical explaination or understand of the Almighty and his creation), Both physical and Spiritual layer of each message,...........

After knowing differ ways of study we see the need of many gifts and therefore we can seek out members in each of these fields that serve as instruments of God's will and (the Holy Spirit, and Yeshua) . Some seem to have more than one gift and is rooted in more than one of these fields much like Paul, Luke, Joseph, Enoch.......
I also keep in mind that when we are in a ongoing relationship with the Trinity (1Jn.5:7) we are blessed to recognize instruments of it (The Holy Spirit/truth ) where ever they be found! God speaks to use through Nature, Individuals, science, Individual Revelations, ........ What is amazing is we can even learn from bad situations like Joseph. We can learn by listening and digesting others questions(seeking), there are no limitations!
When it comes to Churches I agree it is hard to find a good one but even if one does find "a good one" they should never forget to check all things out for themselves and lean on God to reveal understanding and truth.

We are not to support, encourage, or enable individuals or groups we don't see as sowing good seed yet when well founded we can find truth in any place and situation (example- in prision). Each individual is at their own stage in their walk. We see in the Word how God uses whomsoever he will. I like those who share their view and the documentation they use to support it Yet when there is another theology that seems to have a stance they briefly exspress there are other views and stress the importance of proper study and seeking of truth in spirit!

I consider where two or more gather in spirit is a "Church", no building or preacher has ever saved one soul. Through the sacrifice GOD has presented the option of salvation. As we are told what spirit is we then realize even when we agree over the waves (satellite) we are communing in truth (the Holy Spirit).

The Early Christian church was in communion (gathering) house to house and in growing congregations with base (big and small) gatherings, these congregations where made up of many members (parts) Christ (The Word), Scribes, those who recieved the Epistles, and those who passed these truths on weather it be in big congregations or in everyday life situations.
/Acts 20:20/ Acts 5:42

Denomination- seperation/division
church- group of belivers
Denominational church- Seperation of The Church

We were told to spread the good news (of Salvation) to all who will recieve it (show interest)! Today we see congregations that are set up and are very judgemental who they let in and gather with, mostly the same people every time and form traditions of men along with ideologies that often become the focuss of such a gathering (never seeking Correction and growth). Others go to the other extreme and in the name of tolerance become a congregation far from God as well.
(Luke24:47/Matt.28:19-20/ Mk.16:15/Rev.22:16/ Rev. 7:1-4)
So I'm not gonna suggest any Preachers by name nor denomination but rather the basic act of seeking God and Keeping an ongoing relationship with him

In closing I will list some signs we probably both look for, feel free to add any more:

Teaching Word for Word, Does the make asking for funds a priority, Does the preacher set out to cast judgement, does the preacher or church attempt to be the gateway or middleman between you and God, Does the church encourage individuals to study for themselves,

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