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Y- Chromosomal Aaron Hypothesis

__The label "Jew" has more than one context.
1) A/ One of the tribe of Judah (King Line) (B/ Many ignorantly like to always lump all tribes under this label.)
2) A/ One of (who dwells in) the territory of Judah (and or Jerusalem)/ B/ There was a time when there were two captials of Israel and at this time those who vowed to The Temple and King in Jerusalem as theirs could be considered Jews In This Context, reguardless of the territory they lived or tribe.)
3) One who embraces Rabbinical Judasim (or Torah alone) reguardless of tribe or territory.

__Now the subtil serpent likes to disguise its self among its prey and or enemy just as the tares and within the bible they do this to pervert the Word which came forth of Israel (the light unto the nations which was to bring forth the Word of God)

__Within the "Jewish" community there is a stance called the "Y-chromosomal Aaron hypothesis". It is a fact that among those who claim to be Jews today that there are shared genes tracked through the Y chromozone to show that these people have their own unqiue genes, that they are in fact related to one another as to say they are Family nothing more scientifically. Does this mean they are Jews? Many LIKE to THINK so (many of which claim these are the Levites, which is rather important for those who seek to reinstitute the temple, priestly order of Levites, and blood sacrifices - in which those who embrace Messiah know will lead to the abomination of desolation) I strongly suggest the blog "Levitical marriage?" for more on the subject
__It is also true that we are told that there are both good and bad figs. The prophacies (scriptures) haveing to do with the Jewish people during the generation of the fig tree are being fulfilled within and by communities that do profess to be Jews and are embracing this hypothesis. So when they find this DNA code that shows them to be family they claim that those who have these same genes make up The Tribes. We know that The House Of Judah is made up of 2 tribes (Judah and Levi) and that the other, The House Of Israel consists of 10 tribes.
__With this DNA hypothesis many are lumping all the tribes under the label "Jew" thus using this hypothesis to "trace" the "lost tribes" of Israel (when in fact most times ignoring the 10 tribes of the house of Israel in looking for them).
I have heard many examples of this one even saying that since Zilpah was the servant of Leah justifies Gad and Asher as another race.?? (Bilhab- Rachel)
Anyway here is a video example of how some use the hypothesis as well:
__Instead of showing evidence of the Tribes many consider peoples who MIXED with Jews (blacks, arabs/Ishmael, spanish, russians/Esau) to be the Tribes of Israel (Big Problem). Anyone else see the ignorance here? There is historical evidence of groups of Jews scattering from Israel to the nations ever since Israel was instituted. They often met communities that welcomes their knowledge and ways and they eventually embraced them as well. After Jews mix (mated) with these communities these people are considered "Jews" and even the Lost tribes according to this hypothesis.
__Deut.23:2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.
Bastard- H#4464 mamzer/ Mam-zare From an unused root mian. to Alienate; a mongrel, that is born of a Jewish father & a heathen Mother. Ben (Son) figuratively means one who carries the character of the Father, builder of the house, one of the inheritance of the Father. We have many examples of a Son that didnt carry his Fathers character not recieving the inheritance of the first born and being cast out "alienated". (Cain), Ishmael, Esau,... On the physical spectrum we have mention of the seed of the woman (Gen 3:15). This seedline was to the line from which we recieved Yeshua the Messiah(life eturnal). Mam-zare is to mention one who isnt of this spacific line. Once this line is broke you cant consider one outside of the line to be in the direct line of the seed of the woman (Physically). so Physically they cant be considered of The Phy. Line but this doesnt prevent them from being of the Faith (Spiritual Israel) Num.15:15 (Lev.24:10-16)/ Gal.3:24-29/ Rom.2:29... This concept of (physically) alienateing (disfellowship) carries over Spiritually when we are told not to have fellowship with those of darkness, fornication,... The Lord is no respector of persons. It doesnt matter if someone is of more than one race. (The seed of the woman has Fulfilled the atonement in the blood for all)

To claim these mixed peoples are The Tribes of Israel is going off course. These are a mixed people thus not making up the pure pedigree that is The Tribes of Israel. (Spiritual Israel is another subject). Are these people descendants of Jacob scientifically ? Yes /Are they The Tribes of Israel? NO

Rev.2:9 Rev.3:9
Also suggest -->Kenites<-- study
This blog is focussing on Physical Israel yet i dont want to not document Spiritual Israel Gal.3:6-7,24-29/ Lk.3:8 (Matt.3:9)Deut.30:6/ Rom.2:10-11,29/ Rom.9:6-8 (Jn.8) Rom.4:11-16/ Col.3:10-11/ Matt.12:50 (Mk.3:35)
This blog in No way seeks to be racist against those who are mixed or of any spacific race rather this blog is to focuss on The tribe of Israel in truth as to exspose gaps in logic on the subject.

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