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Earth Ages (aions)


In a single verse (universe), we were told long ago (before it became common knowledge) that the Earth was round and that the universe was exspanding/ Is.40:22/ (Jer.10:12) . Science continues to play catch up with what is already revealed within God's WORD. (Science- man's best attempt to understand God's Physical creation in a Physical way). Note Edwin Hubble father of "Hubble's Law" (first scientific evidence of universe exspanding lived from 1889-1953, Long after Isaiah was written!)

The WORD speaks about three earth ages. The foundation is a must for a mature understanding of God's WORD. For example, many unlearned believers like to start with The Adam of Gen.1:27 and calculate the ages and lines up to Jesus and use this to claim the earth is only around 6,000 yrs old. Such a stance only shows ones ignorance of the three earth ages.(This Current Age is about 6,000 yrs. old but we are currently in the 2nd earth age)

The WORD doesnt say the earth is around 6,000yrs old rather the WORD says the earth is Aions in age. The English translation of the Greek "Aion" (#165) is "World". Aion = age, course, portion of exsisting time (eturnity), Time frame of what has begun but has no end/ Thus the terminology "earth age"

Also #166 Aionios (to mention past time or all /Past, present, Future/ as one sum of time)- perpetual- eturnal, for ever, everlasting, world (began) Rom.16:25 /2 Tim.1:9/ Titus 1:2

Two Greek terms are used to mention the transition from the first earth age to the second.


Intro Outline: Time in the context of the three earth ages is divided into 3 portions.

☧1st World Age consisted of The LORD and spiritual beings (angles) in the spirit realm and such flesh as dinos in the physical realm. Creation of the earth took place Gen.1:1/ The rebellion by one (lucifer) of the two cheribums (Micheal and Lucifer- Eze.28:14, Rev.12:7, Dan.10:13,21; 12:1, Jude 1:9) that were to serve and guard the mercy seat (Throne at the right hand of The LORD) brought forth the Katabole after he chose to sit in the seat of mercy (judgement) and claim to be worthly (Is.14:12-14/ Ez.28) of the authority of Mashiach (the right hand of YHVH). This is the same role he (son of perdition) will play prior to the return of Messiah 2 Thess.2:3/ Dan.9:27/..

The role of (lucifer as) a cherub that covereth could be described as one who was responcible for representing the Word, yet with all his knowledge he still gave life to wickedness through pride and soon had the patent on the knowledge of good and evil when he presented it to the sons of God (spirits).

In the Word the responce and embrace of the spirits that followed were like that of the three books opened on Rosh ha-Shanah in Judaism and the different spiritual states mentioned in The Word.

1) The Book of Life (Born and living in the spirit)

2) The Book of those in between (lukewarm)

3) The book of the dead

Everywhere PREDESTINATION Is Mentioned The ELECT Are The Subject. This Does NOT go against the Fact That YHVH Has given all spirits Free Will (as calvinists like to claim), but rather than the will of the zedek are more in line with the will of YHVH and he reserves the right to reveal great revelations unto them for he knows their hearts. (The Election is the minority that showed their loyalty and need for the order of YHVH and the role of Mashiach in the 1st Earth Age.)

We also have mention of how Jacob was Loved and Esau was hated while yet in their mothers womb Rom.9:10-13 (those who dont understand the details of the aions (ages) fail to comprehend this passage). Jer.1:5

At times God spoke of people before their birth , named people before birth,.... God have a interesting discussion with Job (Job 38:4-6.......)

Two Greek terms are (translated foundation) used to mention the transition from the first earth age to the second.

"Pre Katabole finds" <-- Check out physical documentation!


-G#2598 (Kataballo)- destruction, cast down, over throw, lay

Examples: 2 Cor.4:9/ Heb.6:1 (note "laying" is the translation of Katabole here rather than "foundation"!) / Rev.12:10

-G#2602 (Katabole) - conception, foundation, concieve

This covers the destruction of the 1st earth age and the conception of the 2nd earth age.(Gen.1:2)

*Also check * app.146


Thus all the spirits were to be born of woman/waters (Gen.1:26; 2:7; Jn.3:5-6,13) to determine where their alligance (heart) stands (Jn.3:7-8,16) and we also know that the wicked one will play this same role again in Zion with a false peace before the return of Yeshua The Annointed. (Some rebel angels refused to be born of woman/ During that first rebellion a small handfull stood firm in their alligance to The LORD a bigger portion (one third Rev.12:4/ Jude 1:4,6/ 2 Pet.3:7) of the angles followed satan and the rest where luke warm /fine as long as they didnt have to go out of their way to stand for anything. Those of the small portion that stood firm with the LORD at that time are chosen in the present age and their will is more impacted by the will of God than the average joe and his free will. (1 Pet.1:26/ Jn.17:24/ Eph.1:4- foundation - katabole). Instead of doing away with all the luke warm and rebellious spirits God issued in the katabole (destruction of the age) and provided a blueprint for salvation.


☧2nd World Age is the present earth age and consists of a number of notable dispensations. The Lord's day is considered part of the 2nd and at the end of it comes the 3rd. (Man is given the Law, and offered Grace/ then comes judgement)


☧3rd World age is eturnal and follows the great white throne judgement.

Ps.104:1-5 (the physical earth will not be destroyed rather there are World ages) Many who only consider the English translations of The bible fail to see this.

Example: Gen.1

1In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (when?)

2And the earth was (#1961) without form (#8414), and void; (#922) and darkness was(#1961) upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.(Ps.104:6-9)

"was" here is the Hebrew "hayah" and means to become (became/ came) to come to pass (Examples: Gen2:7; 19:26/ Deut.27:9...

It properly reads: And the Earth became(had become) desolate (without form) and void and darkness came upon the face of the deep.... (The earth had become void and without form)


This is further evident when we look at the terms: without form and void (to'-hoo #8414 Tohuw- to lay in waste, vain, desolate, confusion, without form// bo-hoo #922 Bohuw- void, ruin, empty)

Our second witness of conformationis:

*Is.45:18 For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else.

"Vain" here is the Hebrew:


From an unused root meaning to lie waste; a desolation (of surface), that is, desert; figuratively a worthless thing; adverbially in vain: -confusion, empty place, without form, nothing, (thing of) nought, vain, vanity, waste, wilderness.

This is the SAME term translated as "without form" in Gen.1:2



The destruction of the first earth age also consisted of a Flood but this one was worse than that of Noah's time (and is described when the firmament is the subject and the waters standing out in Gen.). There was No flesh saved (nor a bird within the heavens) during the katabole like there was during Noah's time (* 2 Pet.3:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9/ Gen.1:2 / *Jer.4:22-27 (vs.24 continental drift Ps.104:8/ Job38:11) Noah's flood took a year to receed Gen.8:3, Ps.104:6-7 says the waters fled and hasted away at the LORD's command). All three earth ages are mentioned in ***** 2 Pet.3 ***** for those with spiritual eyes! Where we are told of the world that was (is) and is to come and how the rudiments (elements) of the current age will pass away.

(2 Pet.3:10 stoicheion #4747 (elements)- element, principle, rudiment/ ghay #1093(earth)- country, earth (-ly), Ground, land, world.) (kainos 2 Pet.3:13 new- refreshed/ Rev.21:1)


*Prov.8:22-36 (Job.38:7)/ Job 38 mentions creation, the katabole, the current age, and the coming wrath.

Extraareas that I would touch on in person with others to avoid being taken out of context. (we are all the same age spiritually)

Memories Is.65:16-17, Ecc.9:5, Rev.21:4

I support the following Three World Ages (Chapel transcript)

-1-!/notes/shepherds-chapel/three-world-ages-... .

Pt.2 .



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S. Chaple transcript on the subject.


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I tend not to focuss on indiviuals, however certian individuals put themselves in the public arena in order to sow Their own understanding of which we are encouraged to compare to The Word.
To those who subscribe to (are are familure with) the teachings of "Dr.Kent Hovind" ("Age of the Earth"), I want to point out how his arguements against the gap theory are weak at best. Also in his documentary he demonstrates his ignorance of what the gap theory even consists of, and even with that aside makes many statements that dont agree with the harmony of the scriptures.
Feel free to compare the following scriptures to his documentary and if interested in discussing it feel free to open a thread on the subject!

Job.38:4,7 (Spirit form Gen.2:7/1 Cor.15/ 2 Cor.5:7-10/ Ecc.12:6-7/ Jn16:28)
Ex.20:11 made heaven earth and sea and all thats in Them. (Physical creation)
Rev.21:1 - FORMER as same term states n vs.4.
Kent also claims that a day can ONLY be interpreted as a 24hr. period in the creation story yet we know (2 Pet.3:8)that a Day with the LORD is 1,000yrs with man and Note that Adam and Eve died in the day that partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil just as God said would happen if they transgressed. They lived on past the 24hr period but died before reaching 1,000yrs old. One shdn't pervert (add to or take away) scripture to sell Their understndin. (2 Pet.3:8)
Kent ignores true science with His Understanding of scripture. Carbon dating of rocks and dino's date back Millions of years. However there is no true evidence of huMAN remains that do, yet there are (defacto) foot prints of those who were in the same image of man that are together with footprints of dinos.
And Yes PHYSICAL death began in Adam's time.

And to those who completely subscribe to Rashi's interpretations, you can't ignore the fact that Rashi Changed the Hebrew construct of Bershit (Gen.1:1,2) to support His interpretation. This isn't healthy, and breaks the harmony of the scriptures. Just goes to show that you must be cautoius of interpretations and who does your translating. Many say to non-Hebrew speaking peoples that if you want to understand torah ask a "jewish" rabbi. Sadly this isn't always best ave. cause these same people often lean towards man's interpretations when sharing a Spacific use of a hebrew term and in this situation will even changed the term to do so.
Here are some examples however don't suugest the link for all cause i dont agree with either interpretation completely. Yet i do agree with the anciently accepted structure/ pronounciation/ of the Hebrew but both these man made interpretations add alot of context.

Many ask are dinos mentioned in the bible.

Job 40:15-24
mentions a dinosuar (neither a hippo or an elephant qualify)
eats plants, moves tail like a cedar, bones like rods of iron, chief (first) in the ways of YHVH, land going and resides at the waters edge. force is in its belly and is mid section is strong. look at many dinos. They are large enough that their tails could be compared to a cedar. their mid section is the center of all their balance and strength (drive/force). The same ones that meet these standards are plant eaters that resided at the waters edge. And they were first among the flesh that dwelled upon the earth.vs. 15 which I made with the- first age. We have other mentions of dinos and dragons and such in the Word and I will return to list them here. Feel free to do the same!
Psalm 104:25,26 - Leviathon?/ Isaiah 27:1
The word "dragon" appears 21 times in the Old Testament alone.
Unicorns (Rhino's of which are a very old species) are mentioned 9 times in the KJV
"fiery flying serpent"- Is.30:6

There are many ways to exspose the lie of (macro) evolution but few have ever done it to the extent Darwin did and yet many of those who embrace evolution attempt to claim to have studied Darwins writtings. Darwin disproved the "natural selection" and "the orgin of spieces" theories of his. According to his own writtings (documented in the vid) he said that if science ever found a complex motor within a single cell, this would make all such theories of evolution null and void. In modern science this is known as the "flagellar rotary motor"! For more details <-click here

**click ---> PRE-KATABOLE finds! <--- click here **
Archaeological remnants of the 1st age
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