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Names carry with them meaning.
William (strong defender)My 1st name is common all through my father's side of the tree. Its best known orgin is Germanic. The German "Wilhelm" can be broken down to Wil which means "will", desire, determination, resolute /& helm which means helmet and protection. (according to Wiki William also means "protector of the Kingdom")

Related Hebrew Names
*GAD (a son of Jacob & Zilpah/ prophet who assisted David), a tribe of Israel.
Gad means Army troop . Gen.49:19 IMV sums up my spiritual walk and is also a discription of Gad.

Gen.49:19 Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last.
Some ignorantly claim that "Gad" got his/its name from a idol using

But ye are they that forsake the LORD, that forget my holy mountain, that prepare a table for that troop (Gad), and that furnish the drink offering unto that number."

"that troop" here is the Hebrew #1408 - Fortune, a Babylonian deity (idol)/ and a variation of #1409 - fortune- troop and relates back to #1464
"Gad" of Gen.49:19 is a different Hebrew term / #1410- Gad, a son of Jacob (Israel), including his tribe and territory, also a prophet and relates back to #1464 which is to say to crowd upon, attack, invade, overcome (solider/ troop). So while both "Gad" of Gen.49 and "that troop" of Is.65 both related to a army they are not the same army by far and thus its wrong to insert that one got titled troop or Gad from the other. "troop" in Gen.49:19 is the Hebrew #1416 - crowd of soilders, army, band of men, company, troop (of robbers).
Gad again is said to have been overcome by a "troop" and yet will overcome in the end. (In the spiritual sense this could describe many /having been overcome by forces of spiritual darkness in a spiritual war).  We as believers know that victory is only in The LORD. So weather first or last , the important thing is that we attain Grace and enter into the kingdom (Lk.7:47/ Lk.15:7). Those who know me can probably agree i have fought many demons that had overcome me at times (And still strive to endure, God willing).

So weather or not i have a physical relation to the tribe of Gad I am Gad by meaning. This hold true in everything i findout of Gad. Anyway, a few more Hebrew names that relate to the meaning of William are:
Shmarya/ Ya'akou (James)- God protects
Ya'akov/ Ya'aqor'el
Betzalel- Son of God
Gavriel- my hero strength is of God
Magen (female)- shield
Shimri (female Shmiria)- guard or protector

Hindsman is my last name and has been Americanized from such names as Hienzman. It means Last, hind (er), to serve... This in relation to William again points to Gad! Gad is a troop of Israel. so at his best, Gad would serve the Kingdom (king and his domain) of Israel. So Gad is overcome at first by a troop yet at the LAST (hind) Gad overcomes! Gad's discription in Gen is to say- Hindsman! Throughout the Hindsman line most every males first name has been William as well. 

My middle name Derrick means strong leader! Servant and Leader! sounds like the long hard road of being overcome and overcoming had come full circle.The Hebrew word for (the) "way" is "derek" דְּרָכַ֫יִם

To compare Hindsman to the Hebrew all you have to do is look at the Hebrew for Last.
#314 acharown (akh-ar-one) or short acharon - hinder, late, last, (as facing east) western, after (ward), to come, following, hind, (er- ermost- most), last, latter, reward, ut(ter)most

(from #309- behind, by impl. to procrastinate- continue, defer, delay, hinder, be late /slack/, stay, tarry )

Hebrew #310- achar- the hind part, after, behind, beside, by, follow, hereafter, hinder end, remnant,
#311- achar- after

To those who at times ask why I type G-d, There is a Hebrew term that is pronounced "god" that means soilder (Gen.49:19). This is why many of us type G-d in areas where the Word says The LORD our G-d as to show proper respect seeing as these areas use the sacrid name -YHVH= LORD in combination with G-d =Elohim and "Elohim" is a term used to mention devine judgement and instruments thereof so since some have idols that they say are instruments of devine judgement idol also is a translation/ from "Elohim". The Hebrew term that it pronounced as "god" means a soilder and can be a soilder of YHVH Or a soilder of Darkness including HaSatan himself. This is One reason why many (I) feel it shows More respect to type G-d rather than God in certain situations, more so when speaking with people familure with Hebrew (Non Hebrew speaking dont see such things so simpley typing "God" may be more accepted in their cultures). It simpley rules out any mention of another god in relation to The Name (Hashem)/Character of YAHoVeH (Adonai) Eloheinu (Elohim). It doesnt mean we serve an idol of traditions of men (rabbinical Judaism) nor does it mean we reject the concept of The Most High in English Sources (The Bible, rather we respect The Name according to the culture of Israel and we carry it over to the English.

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