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Demonic Killings

Some of the material found here can be DISTURBING.
Today we see spiritual wickedness all around. Its only natural to want to recognise the root of the school shootings that seem to be a plague here in the states. Its obvious to me its the same root of the locust army in the middle east, the same wickedness that drives currupt politicians, and modern day conspiracy theorists.
We have some people who ignorantly want to just point at Washington (ignoring The Real Enemy). Such people are Blind to the big picture and end up working to further the agenda of HaSatan. The scriptures tell us that the masses (all those OF the world) will be decieved Rev.13:14 (Rev.12:9 Rev.20:8 Rev.18:23)and that they will show it (their alligance) in their works and ideologies (Rev.13:16/ Gal.5:19-21).
The wicked all serve the same agenda in All their Offices. Wicked spirits seek out soft targets. I will be documenting how those who Did carry out these school shootings where magnets (open doors/ soft targets) for demonic spirits. In return they are used to attack other soft targets (innocent women and children,...).
Those in office didnt sit around a table & plan out the school shootings BUT The Enemy has its instruments in Washington as well and they Do use these events to further the agenda of the beast system that will serve the wicked One (4th beast) when he comes to set up shop.
The army of darkness is working overtime these days. The devil has been warned not to touch God's annointed. He often uses men (soft targets) to carry out attacks against God's people and their standards. Examples. In the story of Job, lucifer was told he couldnt kill Job. Look at all the martyrs throughout the Word. Those who did the killings were driven by ideology. Look at Herod. We are told in Rev.12:4 that the devil seeked to kill Christ at birth and yet he did so by useing Herod (Matt 2). Look at the locust army in the middle east. We were told this is a army led of dark spirits.....
I think most people have heard of the columbine school shooting by two suicidal attackers. Demons have been know to ultimately have an agenda of Death both in the Actions of the one possessed and for the one possessed (death is one of the names of the devil Heb.2:14). Demons are basically pocessive rebel spirits. They have no human (phy) concept of death cause they are from the spirit realm. A minor example of this is "legion" in the bible. The person possessed would inflict harm upon himself and even the swine would rather die than to be constantly in the realization of being overcome by demons (wickedness).
Average people can't make sense of the fruits of devils. I know I personally use to think that no one was basically wicked to the core until i witnessed some things i couldnt describe any other way. One has to let a rebel spirit have authority over them in order to be possessed. So I have no interest in thoughts about the attackers being victims (even though some are mentally challenged). Familure spirits seek open channels (soft targets) to possess and then seek soft targets to attack via the host. But anyway, what do we see in the lifestyles of these attackers?

Not too long ago we had The Columbine school shooters dylan klebold and eric harris. The two shooters where known to have constantly fed into a dark fantasy of shooting up masses of people (often times joking about it) . They constantly made remarks to this effect and their internet activity showed a fasination with murder and the game called "Doom" . eric once wrote a paper on gun's in schools. So he knew that people were somewhat concerned about safety in this field. (there had been school shootings prior to columbine)
In some of the writtings of dylan and eric we see they mention others with identifications like the human race, human scum, stupid and weak organisims, while dylan refers to himself and eric as "god's" and their actions as god like The spirit that gives these messages dont see its self as weak, stupid, organizims, or include its self as a part of the human race but by goal and acts does see their hosts as all these things (this is clear evidence of Demon possession). This is a sign of demonic possession to me. These are ideologies of devils that see themselves set apart from mankind while yet possessing members of mankind.
eric (eric's demon) had his own concept of "natural selection". It was his theme for the shootings and he wore a shirt with that written across the front during the shootings. This is interesting cause it contradicts their plans of carrying out a suicide mission. This again tells me they were instruments of demon possession cause the spirits saw themselves as greater than everyone else including their (physical) hosts.
_________claims that cant be supported__________
I have seen claims that eric harris had involvement with "mind control" exsperimentation and even claims that he was a mind control project. Of course i cant varify these claims cause the info supposably comes from a source that claimed to have once played a part in carrying out these programs of mind control.
Many have claimed they were projects of the MK-Ultra/Montauk operations centered at Plattsburgh AFB (an area in which eric had once lived/a government related organization that carries out classified programs). eric harris's Father being a member of the Air Force himself. The same site that listed these things claimed a childhood friend of harris said that he recalled before eric moved to Littleton he had said he couldn't wait to leave Plattsburgh , that he hated the place, "BECAUSE OF THE CONSTANT, BIZARRE EXPERIMENTATION".

jared loughner (the shooter of a political event in Tucson was also obsessed with mind control according to his youtube posts that often focussed on this. "Loughner’s vulnerable and psychotic profile, combined with his interest in mind control, mirrors other famous assassins such as Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley, as well as Columbine killers Harris & Klebold."
A youtube from his channel
Jared Loughner Mind Control Manifesto by TECHNOLOGOS
he had other examples of his messed up mind and fasination of mind control Anyway...
james holmes (aka:the joker)- converted to islam - should fit right in.
The joker- “Do you ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?”
the Movie Theater Shooter was a student in Neuroscience, He had much interest in what is called "Subjective Experience", even giving a speech on it at the age of 18. Seems this guy was exsperianced in channeling demons.
*Subjective Experience- Study and or practice of a being (subject) that has subjective experiances. Subjective consciences or a relationship with another enitity (or subject)- Wikipedia
This sounds like a good discription of demonic possession to me.
This shooter (James Holmes) was located in the same General area as the school shooters of Columbine (within 20 miles). Strangely enough a trailer prior to the batman movie that james shot up consisted of footage of a man shhoting up a movie theater. I saw a clip of it ("Gangster Squad")on youtube before it was taken down (Perhaps that portion was subtracted from the movie as it was taken from playing as a trailer as well as off youtube). It was of a mobster shooting through the screen while people sat watching a movies in a theater. The events where clearly premeditated but very strange that a possible trigger was placed in such a postion!
CNL -Computational Neurobiology Lab
james's presentation (linked at highlighted "student" above/the video posted above) shows how james himself came up with a use of altering the frames of a movie, games,...(anything w/ flashplayers/or flash frameing screens) to present subjective exsperiances to others. SO its real strange this trigger was placed before the shooting. james in his studies had contact with the organization DARPA which does indepth studies for the government (mind control). james being totally into these subjective experiances he may have had a harder time distinguising between reality and subjective exsperiance (cause subjective experiance was a reality to james). So according to james's claims u can present an effect before or after an event through frame manipulation Thus tricking the brain through subjective experiance to be traveling through time (causing a responce that others may be unable to rationalize). Oddly enough the trailer consisted of shooting up a theater and james did the same thing. james could have considered this as a reality that already happened and that now he was playing out what took place prior to it (which would be going to the car and getting his guns out of the car). Reports claim that someone was seen going out the back door towards his car before the shooting leaving the door cracked for re entry. Upon returning he would now be able to play out what he already considered a reality.

Simularities to Columbine?
(recall the claims of eric above? How he too had contact with a classified government organization? So if he had become a instrument of subjective experiance (as a childhood associate said eric had commented on experiments on him), what about his friend dylan, what what caused him to embrace terror? Well they played video games together in which could have been a method /according to james/ to present a subjective experiance among others.eric was also in a class on " video production"! Together eric and dylan used school production equipment to produce disturbing home videos. Interestingly enough, there is still some classified evidence. The Jefferson county sheriff's department concluded and released its offical report in May 2000, which reported that eric and dylan acted alone. Among the Classified Documents are the video productions made by both eric and dylan which are reffered to as the "Basement Types", in which eric and dylan reportedly discuss their motives. Officals claim copy cat crimes for reason for not releaseing these documents.)
(The root is evil spirits not the government. However a government(or individuals within) that serves evil spirits are instruments of darkness as well and can be used to open doorsevil spirits may have interest in)
I have never been one to blame video games, music, or movies, For evil but like james i agree they can be instruments of subjective experiance (demonic channeling).
When james showed up for court he looked totally under the influence.

Sandy Hook shooter adam lanza,
was described by a former classmate (Trevor L. Todd) as having a devil worship page on the web.
Seems all these individuals were open to possession. Seems they all shared the same spiritual fruits. Eph.6:12 says that we struggle against spiritual wickedness in high places and the political officals seem to be using these events to further come against your rights (freedoms). I wont go as far as to say the government is responcible for these events but i can say that there are people who serve the same master in all classes of socieity (teenagers, gamers, hollywood stars, washington politicians, musicians, crooked cops, judges, false prophets,....).
___conspiracy theories of sandy hook_________
We have some people quick to say there were other shooters at these locations without indepth study of the details or any evidence. At the movie shooting these views are based on the comments of a a "witnesses" that by his own admission wasnt postive of the events but thought it seemed there was another person based on the actions of the canister thrown coming from a differ location than the shootings. We have another witness say the canister bounced around in the crowd.
As for the sandy hook events many saw a helicopter reporting a man running around the building and they allowed this to spark consperacy theories when in fact the only man placed in cuffs on the outside of the building was one of the concerned parents on the scene as a report clearly states:
Chris Manfredonia, whose 6-year-old daughter attends the school, was heading there Friday morning to help make gingerbread houses with first-graders when he heard popping sounds and smelled sulfur.
He ran around the school trying to reach his daughter and was briefly handcuffed by police. He later found his child, who had been locked in a small room with a teacher.
"The whole reason we moved here a year ago is because when you drive down the subdivision, it's a happy place," said his wife, Georgeann Manfredonia. "There's a ton of children here and the families are very kind and supportive."
Both parents were volunteers at the school. The brief time Chris spent in cuffs was nothing more than regular procedure.

NOTE: no one is being chased in this footage ( ) VIDEO BELOW. This footage is of police securing the scene, with dogs in case a trail could be picked up. (regular procedure)
Judge for yourself. You have been presented with the evidence (and some claims that cant be supported) what you choose to do with it is your buisness, but know that in the end decieving people with un documented ideas cant be praise worthy and dis honors the victims and the truth. Always interested in evidence of further details but dont see any evidense of a "2nd shooter" at all.
In closing, The evidence seems to point to these events being the fruits of at least one devil and the one he possessed. I do think its note worthy that its not just one event. That many have shared the same agenda and to what end? (Jude 1:6 )
"Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you."
May the physical victims of the recent school shooting rest in The Peace of The Lord. (physica...l death is NOT the end) Something the shooter obviously didnt consider. We are seeing the fruits of wicked hearts all over. Liberals see this and accept the attacks on our rights You can attempt to take our guns but you will NEVER have victory over YHVH.
2 Cor.10:4 "(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)".
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
The physical area deemed to the the location representing the "conscience" is the frontal lobe. The frontal lobes of killers and suicidal people show disformation and or activity (more in comment section).
Conspiracy Theorists, worldly politicians, and instruments of mass killing are no different in this concept. (Eph 6) Its the conspiracy theorists that are pointing everywhere but to the ROOT of wickedness. They will confuse you about who THE enemy is. They have no answers, they thrive off loose ends, imaginations, bad reporting (media), adding to the facts, gossip,.... The enemy Loves the division they cause. The elect shall be given relavation over their tactics! Watchmen watch.
You can outlaw guns, knives, box cutters,... But no earthly force can disarm Evil. That is only done in The LORD our God (Eph.6/ Proverbs 18:10) 1 Cor.15:57
We have the victory of the spiritually wicked. Yeshua, Yoseph, & Job were great examples of what it takes to stand in times of great tribulation.
LESSONS: To recognize evil is just part of the battle (Discernment is a gift). One has to allow a demon in. This is why demons look for soft targets. Once you let one in its only by The Holy spirit they they are cast away. Thus demons use certain methods in seeking hosts.
Jas.1:14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
Jas.4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
Gal.5:17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.
So THE Lesson is that as Soon as you recognize temptation (the enemy) you stand against (rebuke) it in the Name(Character) of Yeshua and not entertain it (or let it entertain you. This way you dont allow it in.
Is.55:7 Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
1 Cor.10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.(ye being his sheep)
2 Cor.11:3 (,14,15) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. (2Pet.2)
Note Eve was told not to even touch the fruit. "Beguiled" (G#1818)above is to say to seduce wholly (1 Tim.4) One can allow themselves to be seduced using many formats: teachings, TV, Movies, (porn), video games, physical contact,.... Be Careful What Doors You Open.
We also had seung hui cho who commited the Virginia Tech Massacre. He was said to be very shy,and anti social. He had what was called selective mutism and multiple personalities. He was known to embrace violent fantasies.He left video rants (which can be seen on youtube) in responce to various experiances he claimed to have been through yet no one can find documentaion of such experiances in his life. In one of cho's written notes he wrote in refference to other students he said "you caused me to do this." This tends to show that he was an open canvas for dark spirits of violence. He also made a video in which he mentions "martyrs like eric and dylan" which points to the killers of columbine mentioned above. cho used a Glock 19 pistol for the shootings with several magazines (no "assualt" weapons used). cho documented his dark ideologies in home made videos, pictures, notes and a manifesto. Before carring out the shooting he sent a manifesto to a media outlet. The sendeder was by a name found written on his arm. A new personality his roomates and assosiates had never heard of. Before his other personality was known as question mark which he claimed lived on the 6th floor in romm 666 and that he talked with aliens.
List of american school shootings. Below is a map of (us) school shootings since 1992

A report in my local area

I have shown support for instruments of terror in the middle east and usa are also instruments of rebel spirits (demons).
i would now like to look back a bit further to the wicked man we known as hitler. We have evidence that he was a soft target for evil spirits as well.
We know that the Tanakh forbids consorting with familure spirits and with mediums (those who speak on behafe of rebel angels (messengers).
2 Kings 23:24/ *Lev.19:31;20:6,27/ Is. 8:19/ Deut.18:10-13/ * 1 Chron.10:13-14/ 2 Chron.33:6
hitler frequented seances. Some of his menors accompanied him in them (dietrich eckart, and erik hanussen)
hitler was really into the occult and had a personal Spiritual advisor by the name of "erik jan hanussen". "hanussan" was what we call a psychic (necromancer). One with a Familure Spirit. He fortold of the future of germany, and predicted hitlers rise to power when others heard of it it was laughed at cause hitler wasn't even held up in such high reguard. He in fact was considered Austrian rather than Old German! hanussan continued to make predictions all of which came true. (He once predicted the winner of a race and wrote two names down and put them in an envolope. He requested that it not be opened until after the race. he said it contained the name of one who would win and one who would die before the end of the race. one died in the race the other won.) hitler consulted with hanussan about nazi direction and agendas. It is believed that hanussan was killed when hilter learned he was a Jew fornerly known as hermann steinschneider, the son of a well respected rabbi.
Two of hitlers women commited suicide (one committed suicide on halloween) and another two were known to have attempted suicide. We have seen that those poccessed of devils often seek death for the spirit that uses them has no reguard or natural preception of physical exsistance. hitler also resulted to suicide rather than facing up to what he was responcible for (as a man). hilter was nothing more than a coward in the end.
videos about hitler consorting with seers. I suggest only those currently with discernment of Holy Spirit checkout these links. For they share ideologies and interpretations of people with another spirit.
hitler seeked guidance of many occult members who were seers (had evil spirits)

After watching this video "Sandy Hook Elem. 3 Shooters.." I have to say that it is based on "rumours", assertions, and Un confirmed reports.
1) After my searches, I have yet to see Evidence that peter lanza is connected to the libor scandal in any way (same with robert homes). The speaker goes on to say "he also is Rumoured to be a member of the cia." Afterwards the speakers claims to have a contact with the cia ("mr X" hmmm someone who cant be confirmed/ used to make him sound big for these and perhaps future conspiracy theories) that will be looking to VARIFY the claims. I tend to think its not worth discussing (pushing/ sharing) until there is Evidence and Varification ("unless you have alot of time on your hands and nothing better to do"- Arnold Murray). also not sure what any of this has to do with anything. The kids father could have worked with anyone (obama, cnn, cia...) and it wouldnt mean that there were others involved, it also wouldnt be varification of motive for adam. I guess he is attempting to set up motive in claiming all these shootings are done by the administration or "cia" (the governement).
I have no need of that concept cause i see the bigger picture (dark spirits). Our Spiritual enemies first target soft targets to use (possession) to attack other soft targets and they dont need the seal of the cia to do so.They have instruments of darkness everywhere cia, school aged kids, youtube users,... I personally see the speaker of this video and the instruments of the school shootings and the instruments in washington that are using these shooting to further the NWO agenda to ALL BE members of the same body (bearing the mark of the beast). The speaker of this video would like to have you ignore Eph.6 and just point at the usa gov and the foundation which leaves anyone who does so not knowing their enemy (in the dark).

2) The website on school staff shows current teachers. Even the media has been saying she wasnt a current teacher there (perhaps with the acception of a early un-confirmed report or two). However staff members have said that she was a volunter! This would explain why she isnt listed as on the pay roll or as a staff member! I have also heard that Adam went to Sandy Hook as a child. anyway, Not sure what motive the speaker is trying to set up.

At this time i would like to point back to "Subjective Experience" as prior mentioned! That is what this video is doing as well. I have heard all these claims (to what end). I have done personal homework and still only see the claims as just that (claims). When I have often responded with the fact that they lack evidence (are conspiracies) i have recieved wild responces. Example: Someone told me i never said i have evidence, I am just trying to get you to Question Everything. Thats basically how the video started out too. That is also how the serpent beguiled Eve. That is also how the devil attempted to tempt Yeshua (by taking facts and having you question everything while using subjective exsperiance.

3) The speaker highlighted a comentary from some website on the internet to claim adam had on a "bullet proof vest". That is in error (bad report). adam had on a utility vest according to police report. It wasnt bullet proof. Yet of course the speaker presented what he wanted to present to the listener!

4) In the video presentation of the scene, i didnt see the police "chasing" Anyone into or in the woods. I do see them securing the scene (regular police procedure). I do see the police standing around but i Dont see a man "laying on the ground", "with his hands behind his back", I dont see the police pointing weapons at anyone in the woods either. As a matter of fact there are more detailed looks at the footage and you can even see that some police were already in the same woods and they are simpley moving slow just holding the line. Not showing panic, not moving much at all, and certainly not chasing someone.

5) As for the one arrested by police we know that the only man that police reports say was put in detention (under arrest) was one of the concerned parents /Chris Manfredonia/(according to regular police procedure). This is public info and mentioned above.

6) Proned out. If you are prone to get sick this is to say you are liable (likely) to get sick. Just as the Tactical term means that the officer is likey to gain custody or take down a suspect. It is not to say the suspect is under arrest. (Please recall that officers had no idea that Chris was just a concerned parent until after he was detained). Proned out is like saying you have your sights on a suspect(a bead on him) and are prepared (likey) to take him down.

7) I have heard the other police communication which (has an individual officer say They are coming or here they come. This isnt saying that there are several shooters OR suspects. If you have a suspect (which Chris was for a brief time) and you are part of a tactical team on the scene. The team has there sights on a individual wanted for detention. The team (plural) is keeping track of him and following him. He is approaching you and you are the offier who has a bead on the suspect (meaning you are ready to take him down) the trap is set and THEY are approaching! (They being the team and the suspect) then you would naturally say Here THEY come.
When we connect the assertion to the claims already made by the speaker they fold. The speaker has clearly claimed adam is (shot) in the building and that the "2nd suspect" (as if) was in the rear woods. And that this event is happening on the other side. So if the speaker is to believe his own storyline then there would have to be AT LEAST 4 suspects rather than "3" (according to HIS logic) cause the officer said "THEY" are coming! So the speaker hasnt even consider his words in depth before speaking (making a random youtube video).

I See NO evidence being shared. I respect others views but I do believe when people make storylines based on nothing more than loose ends, assertions, imagination, early and un confirmed (Media) reports, They are in fact dishonoring the truth and the victims.
Has public attention of mass public shooting increased during this administration in which we knew gun contol would become a focuss? Yes. Seems there have also been an increase in these shootings. I dont think a group of politicains got together and planned this. I think a hedge of protection has been lifted from evil spirits in the usa and the world. These spirits have in fact been welcomed in by those carrying out these fruits. We are told such in 1 Tim.4:2, Is.9:16-21... as well as many other places.
Its obvious to me these are not the same person, The woman's eye browes Nor age appears to be the same and the guy obviously isnt the same person.
Look at the guys. Differ cheeks, noses, chins, ... One of the guys looks slimmer than the other but he is also the one that is overweight (for his stature/ example double chin)! Some simularities yes. Same people, no. Yet some people will believe anything as long as it pushes a consperacy.
Im not buying claims that these are the same people

* And if these were actors would you be claiming children didnt die? Or that they died and rather than their parents speaking out the government would use actors? Makes no sense to someone seeking truth. This is a prime example of people dishonoring the truth and the families of the victims in their works of darkness and babel. Woe to anyone who would do such a thing in Yeshua's percious name.
. Their eyes are wild
.An example of 1 Tim.4:1-2 :
Neuro-Scientists say the brain shows physical signs of those incline to violence. A phy. mark in the forehead.
Many studies have shown most serial killers have the warrior gene (monoamine oxidase A) and/or irregular levels of serotonin in the brain (as do the brains of those who have commited suicide). Serotonin is a natural way in which the body calms (copes with) emotions (depression, stress, ..). The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that deals with reasoning, social relations, judgement (conscience) 1 Tim.4:1-2, morals, planning, moods, body movements, impulse, and memory.
Modern studies can Observe imbalances in these areas of the brain in those who are known violent offenders when they are presented with crime-relevant words, pictures, footage... Today's society presents us with all this daily on Tv, radio, in the streets. In a time when right is wrong and wrong is right we should exspect imbalances. I'm personally not one who sees physical imbalances as excuses for violence rather i see them as signs of where one is Spiritually. Just wanted to share so basic notes on the subject in relation to physical understanding of the medical fields.
Psychopaths are an exspecially dangerous (evil) type of person.
video Studies <-- by Dr.Amen (Brain chemistry of violent kids/ school shooters)
comments by Neuroscientist Robert Hare
video Studies <-- by Neuroscientist James Fallon (not as indepth).
Dr. Drew shows (side view of) hot spots in the brain for such things as hate, empathy, conscience, reasoning,...
Psychopaths are beyond sick.
Shooter Kip Kinkel (a school shooter prior to columbine) says " My head just doesnt work right" "G. D. these voices inside my head".
Sounds like a lost soul exspressing bondage under a demonic spirit to me.

It's interesting to note that the Brain structure of (MOST) these people isnt deformed its the activity that is messed up. Psychopathy one condition that can be studied by observing brain activity. Another is "Schizophrenia" which causes hearing of voices and having hallucinations. Yet another is called "Dissociative identity disorder" or "split personality" (characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identitites or dissociated personality states that alternately control a person's behavior, and is accompanied by memory impairment for important information not explained by ordinary forgetfulness. An example of this failure to remember acts that the individual carried out can be seen within interviews of robert john bardo /a staulker/ often one who feeds an imaginary relationship with someone based on feelings they have related to that person/ fantasize/ @19:38- 20:51- 22:58 . Tends to make me wonder if the individuals at these times are greatly overcome by demonic spirits to such an extent that they were hardly there other than a phy. vessel of a dark spirit which had gained almost total use of the vessel at such a time) Do you think demonic pocession could be (is) often identified under the sceintific labels?

Psychiatrists diagnosed anders behring breivik (2011 Norway attacker) with Paranoid schizophrenia, concluding that he had developed the disorder over time and was psychotic both when he carried out the attacks and during the observation. Also labeled as criminally insane. breivik displayed a severe lack of empathy. "He spoke incoherently in neologisms and had acted compulsively based on a universe of bizarre, grandiose and delusional thoughts. " (All the signs of demon poccession). breivik believed himself to be the "knight Justiciar grand master" of a Templar organisation.
Later, different doctors were given the job of evaluation and said that many of these prior conclusions didnt currently show up. These doctors did however say he rather appeared to have personality disorders. He initially refused to cooperate with new psychiatrists. If the original diagnosis were upheld by the court, it would mean that anders behring breivik could not be sentanced to prison but would have been centered around being detained in a psychiatric hosptial. breivik strongly rejected any label of being labeled insane (claiming to be concidered in such a way is "a worse fate than death"- He wanted to be held up and respected) and many of the victims families felt hospital stay was to good for him. Motivation on both sides to claim him as sane weather it be the truth or not.
(much of this info is directly from the wikipedia page about breivik.)

t.j. lane (LAME) pleads guilty to the murder of 3 gets life. He admitted to shooting (he gave the family the bird at sentancing, and smiled at them during the trial, devils wont be happy at judgement) but claimed he didnt know why he did it (strange). What does this tell you? How could he NOT KNOW WHY he did it? Could it be that he was possessed by another Spirit?.
Rev.9:3 And there came out of the smoke * locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

Scorpions inject poison into their prey and digest the from the inside out. This is how possessing (seducing * 1 Tim.1:4) spirits work as well.
Here is a current headline of a grandmother (47) that was suppose to pick up her grandsons from daycare (2yrs old and 6 mouths old) and take them to the 2yr old's birthday party. Instead she took them to a neighboring town and shot and killed the children and herself.
Family described her as bi-polar and menatl health issues (a soft target to dark spirits)..

Leila Fowler (a 8yr. old girl) was murdered by 12 yr. old "brother". It seems to me that this boy is a psychopath (lacks compasion and remorse). In this thread i have stated that i dont view these mental disorders as an excuse but rather a sign of the spirit of an individual. Anyway, this brother was at the localized vigil held in the community. As the close knit community showed concern and mourned for Leila her brother showed No emotion and appeared to just view the events as some activity. Later when he was arrested neighbors exspressed how strange they felt that he could carry out such an act and then take part in a vigil for her. In some pics of him you can even see a smirk.
Can you spot the psychopath? Without remorse there is no repentance thus the individual is just a Threat. 1 Jn.4:7-8 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love...

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